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ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300

ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300

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ASUS introduced the world's first quad mode computing device: it is a laptop and a tablet, and it supports Android and Windows operating systems.

Powered by Intel's Core processors, the Transformer Book Duet TD300 can switch from one OS to another in about four seconds, and can detach from the keyboard unit to become a fully functioning tablet. The tablet unit comes with either 64 or 128GB SSD, and the docking station has its own hard drive up to 1TB. The tablet also accepts MicroSD card up to 64GB. The tablet has 13.3-inch display, with either FHD or 1366x768 resolution. The keyboard unit comes with the usual array of laptop ports, including one USB 3.0, two USB 2.0s, HDMI 1.4, and audio combo jack.

The obvious pros of the Transformer Book Duet TD300 is its ability to satisfy almost all computing needs for non-iOS (Apple) users.

The biggest con of this device is the fact that it is powered by the Intel Core processors, which are not designed for tablet use. As a stand alone tablet, the battery life will not be comparable to others with low power consuming processors.

On the flip side, the Core processors are more powerful than similar mobile processors, so users can expect lightening fast performance as a tablet, especially with the Core i7.

Having two OS on one system may seem redundant to most users, as each OS echosystem (Windows or Android) has built enough compatibility to digest each others' documents and communication methods. But it is a luxury to have the two OS's on board.

The price starts at surprisingly low $499, and expect to pay only slight premium compared to regular laptops.

Intel Core i3, i5, i7 processor

Operating System
Dual OS ( Windows 8 + Android )


Tablet: 64 / 128 GB SSD
Docking: 320 / 500 / 750GB / 1TB

13.3" FHD IPS (1920 x 1080)
13.3" HD (1366 x 768)


HD Camera


Tablet: 13.46 x 8.50 x 0.47 in ( W x D x H )
Docking: 13.39 x 8.54 x 0.63 in ( W x D x H )
Weight 4.19 LB

Connectivity and Ports
802.11ac Wi-Fi; Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR
Tablet ports: Micro SD card, Headphone jack, DC jack
Keyboard dock ports: 1 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 10/100Mbit/s LAN, HDMI 1.4, audio combo jack, DC jack

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