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LG Google TV

LG Google TV

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LG introduced the first TV to be powered by the new Google TV platform.

The G2 series LG Smart TVs with Google TV, which is mouthful to say, is the next generation entertainment system. On top of LG's CINEMA 3D technology, the TV is powered by LG's L9 dual-core processor based on the ARM architecture, with a quad-core graphics processing unit (GPU). It is safe to say that the TV is like a giant tablet computer PADD, without the touchscreen.

The new Google TV platform now has Google TV PrimeTime (previously the TV & Movies app), and it would raise questions in a lot of consumers' mind: why would anyone subscribe to basic cable anymore? The Google TV PrimeTime is almost as good as premium cable or satellite, and in some cases even better. With over 100,000 movies and TV shows available, the generation of "watch any show, any time, anywhere" may be finally at hand. Of course, watching live TV is always an option, too.

Google TV now automatically syncs Android phone with the TV via WiFi, and the smartphone content can be viewed on the TV screen. The ballet recitals or soccer match recorded on the phone can be viewed on TV, without having to upload, download or physically connect.

The LG G2 TV in itself, even without the Google features, is a great TV. LG is the largest LCD panel maker in the world, and needless to say they do a pretty good job making TVs.

One great bonus feature about the TV is LG's Magic Remote. Its QWERTY keyboard is handy in navigating Google features, and the microphone included on the remote works great for voice search and command.

The G2 series LG Smart TVs with Google TV will be available in 47 and 55-inch class sizes.

The new Google TV platform seems to have improved so much that the world may be at a tipping point for switching out of cable boxes. That may become especially true with the highly anticipated new Apple TV coming soon.

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